Below you will be able to read whatever is going on in the company. The content will be very divers. Changes in the law could be one thing for example, but also visitreports to breeders, new arrivals, exceptional offers,... There is room for everything. Follow this page if you want to stay updated on any novelty concerning Passion for Animals.

Update Coronacrisis


Today we received an update from our governments about the sales of animals in the shops. The sale was actually again permitted in Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia. As such, we re-opened our entire assortment with just some tiny exceptions for animals we can’t get at the moment, given their origin.
We are ready to serve you as we did before and look forward to a beautiful collaboration again. Keep it safe and make sure to keep the minimal distances, also while selling an animal. We will perform contactless deliveries.
See you soon!

Update Coronacrisis


The Coronovirus' impact on our economy increases day by day and as such it became impossible for Passion for Animals to be impacted as well. The governement has decided to keep our petshop open, but it is clear that their main goal is to ensure disponability of petfood. The sales of new pets is clearly not essential these days. Therefore, Passion for Animals decided to suspend all deliveries of Animals to the shops.

So, what is still available at Passion for Animals?

Het corona virus

As you can clearly see in our product assortiment on the webshop, only essential products are still available. To our feeling the fish food of Ocean Nutrition as well as living insects, frozen insects and frozen rodents are essential as food source for our pets. In addition to these foodsources, we determined the cleaning products of our product range (to maintain hygienic housing) and Reptech products (to ensure proper climatistation for coldblooded reptiles)
Given the limited assortiment, we decreased the franco delivery to €75. Orders will be shipped by courier to ensure deliveries in the stores.
At the company, we decreased our staff to an absolute minimum. From monday onwards we will therefor only be available between 9am-12am or by e-mail. We hope with these measures to help stopping the Covid-19 virus as quick as possible, so everything can go back to normal.

The Corona virus and Passion for Animals


Het corona virus

It became impossible to ignore the presence of the Corona virus and to recognise its large impact on the public health. Being careful is very important, but also the economic impact of the virus should not be underestimated.
Our sector is until now lucky in that sense that the pet shops can remain open as usual. Let’s hope all together that it will stay that way, so our sector can be spared from the large economic impact of Covid 19.

Is Passion for Animals encountering issues because of the Corona virus ?

Yes, of course we also feel the impact of the virus in our company. As wholesaler we buy many of our products abroad. More and more countries go into a lockdown in an attempt to stop the virus, but that means that receiving deliveries from other countries than Belgium becomes more and more difficult as well.
We will always do our best to be able to keep offering the largest possible range of animals/products, but of course we also have to follow the issued restrictions from the Belgian government. Moreover, we also have to take the restrictions issued by the country of origin of the animals/products into account when it comes down to deliveries.
On the "news" section on our webpage, we will keep you informed if any issues in the supply chain may emerge. Also our web shop will be updated frequently to keep you as well informed as possible, although it remains difficult to be able to predict everything more than a week ahead, especially in case the government may increase the restrictions.
Until now we are not aware of acute supply issues that we cannot counterbalance by our own stocks. That is why we can still offer full availability of the animals/products until now. Moreover, beginning of week 12 we expect some more deliveries, which hopefully may give us the possibility to increase our stocks. We will keep you posted on any further developments.

A visit to our rodent breeders


The breeder’s history

Hamster met jongen

Just like in Passion for Animals, it is the passion for his job that forms the solid basis for our rodent breeder. Already at the age of 7, he started with his first Syrian hamster. Ever since that day, he was never without rodents in his life. What started as a simple gift for a 7 year old Dutch boy, grew out to a rodent-imperium where, until today and more than 50 years later, every animal still is treated as an individual.
Together with his wife he runs the company. Animal welfare, an eye for genetics and animal health are their key parameters. They select breeding pairs with the highest care and look continuously for new colours and selection lines. As such they aim at getting everyone enthusiastic about the beautiful world of rodent-pets.
Together with this heart for rodents, the farm is a care farm for people with a mental disability which are guided to perform tasks that are adapted to their mental abilities. Performing these tasks, these people help a strong team that gives all their possible for the rodents of tomorrow. A noble task that we largely appreciate.

Our findings about the visit

Upon arrival we see a clean farm. All cages are mounted on movable racks to make it possible to keep the floor spick and span regardless of the usage of bedding materials and abundant cleaning. All cages are clearly labelled so it is easy to track down the animals. All labels contain necessary info about colours and selection of the parents and mention the mating date and the day the young are expected or born, if applicable.
Drinking bottles are clean and all cages contain next to water and food extra hiding places for the animals. The cages are enriched with paper scraps and/or hay to give the possibility for the animals to make nests. We are provided a clear view on the working schedule of the farm and can see for ourselves that the correct ages for weaning are respected. After weaning the animals stay for a few more weeks at the farm before they pass the correct minimal weight/age and are ready to sell.

De toekomst

The future

During the tour we had in the farm, we were given a sneak peek on the future. Currently, the farm works hard on selecting new colours for the rats. If everything goes well, new colour morphs will be available in a few months. They also started breeding dwarf rats, but currently they are not on sale yet, as they need to establish a stable breeding group first. Also increasing the degus breeding groups are currently one of their main focusses
We can conclude that the farm is ready for our further expansion and we are convinced that we made the right decision in the selection of this breeder already many years ago. Passion for Animals stands for animal welfare and does everything possible to find high quality partners. A tough selection of breeders with the needed visits on site make the solid base for selecting only the top-breeders. We can confirm that our breeder of the small rodents past our selection procedure with flying colours. We can proudly state that we look forward to a beautiful future together.

RWF guinea pigs, what are they exactly?

ring worm free logo


You probably noticed already, but we only offer RWF guinea pigs on our website. But what exactly are they? RWF means "Ringworm free". These guinea pigs do not carry spores of ringworm. They come from a Spanish farm, which is located in an area with a very specialised micro climate. In this microclimate ringworm spores can not survive. As such the farm received the label of "Ringworm free farm". Moreover, the general quility of these guinea pigs is remarkably better in comparisson to guinea pigs originating form the Belgium or Dutch farms we used to work with before. They are better in size and we encounter almost no health problems, especially compared to the locally bred guinea pigs.

So, can nothing happen to these guinea pigs?

Ofcourse things may go wrong. In the end, they are still animals. But the better size, stronger health and absences of ringworm spores make the chances of unforeseen infections very small. Larger animals have a better developed immune system, which makes them stronger and more ready to encounter the stressful events of moving around from us to the shop and eventually to the end-user.

afbeelding cavia

So ringworm will never occur in these animals?

Unfortunately ringworm may still occur. We assure this animals do not carry the spores on their skin. This makes the chances of developping ringworm infection very small. We, ourselves, can succesfully keep the animals ringworm free in our facilities. However, if an animal gets infected by spores, they may still develop the ringworm infection. The spores may come from othere animals carrying the spores (e.g. from rabbits, cats, dogs, cows, horses,...). As such, not only keeping the cages as clean and desinfected as possible, but also keeping your hands clean when playing with your pet, is key to keep them ringworm free.

Sill in doubt? Just try it yourselve. Order these guinea pigs and dicover yourselve why we stopped selling the original Belgian or Dutch quality guinea pigs.

The new website is ready


It has finally happened. We talk already a long time about it, but our website finaly is ready. Not only does this new version looks polished, also the backend and webshop had a complete makeover. Weborders will be processed automatically, making mistakes and losing orders almost impossible. Invoicing of the prepared goods is simplified. Moreover, al new invoices will be stored on our webservers, so you can access your invoices online at any time. Everyone will need a short adaptation time, but finaly everyone will be convinced about the changes we made. Just sit back, and relax!