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RWF guinea pigs, what are they exactly?

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You probably noticed already, but we only offer RWF guinea pigs on our website. But what exactly are they? RWF means "Ringworm free". These guinea pigs do not carry spores of ringworm. They come from a Spanish farm, which is located in an area with a very specialised micro climate. In this microclimate ringworm spores can not survive. As such the farm received the label of "Ringworm free farm". Moreover, the general quility of these guinea pigs is remarkably better in comparisson to guinea pigs originating form the Belgium or Dutch farms we used to work with before. They are better in size and we encounter almost no health problems, especially compared to the locally bred guinea pigs.

So, can nothing happen to these guinea pigs?

Ofcourse things may go wrong. In the end, they are still animals. But the better size, stronger health and absences of ringworm spores make the chances of unforeseen infections very small. Larger animals have a better developed immune system, which makes them stronger and more ready to encounter the stressful events of moving around from us to the shop and eventually to the end-user.

afbeelding cavia

So ringworm will never occur in these animals?

Unfortunately ringworm may still occur. We assure this animals do not carry the spores on their skin. This makes the chances of developping ringworm infection very small. We, ourselves, can succesfully keep the animals ringworm free in our facilities. However, if an animal gets infected by spores, they may still develop the ringworm infection. The spores may come from othere animals carrying the spores (e.g. from rabbits, cats, dogs, cows, horses,...). As such, not only keeping the cages as clean and desinfected as possible, but also keeping your hands clean when playing with your pet, is key to keep them ringworm free.

Sill in doubt? Just try it yourselve. Order these guinea pigs and dicover yourselve why we stopped selling the original Belgian or Dutch quality guinea pigs.

The new website is ready


It has finally happened. We talk already a long time about it, but our website finaly is ready. Not only does this new version looks polished, also the backend and webshop had a complete makeover. Weborders will be processed automatically, making mistakes and losing orders almost impossible. Invoicing of the prepared goods is simplified. Moreover, al new invoices will be stored on our webservers, so you can access your invoices online at any time. Everyone will need a short adaptation time, but finaly everyone will be convinced about the changes we made. Just sit back, and relax!