• Apistogramma macmasteri

    Large product range of fresh water fishes.

    There are always more than 2000 species available.

  • Lapin

    Large product range in rabbits and rodents.

    We offer rodents and rabbits which originate from Belgium ,the Netherlands or Spain.

  • Aratinga solstitialis

    Birds, something for everyone

    Our birds are bought locally at fairs. As such, we can garantee a large product range the year round.

  • Furcifer pardalis

    Reptiles in collaboration with a German specialist.

    We can offer a large range of reptiles, delivered out of quarantaine, thanks to our cooperation with "Das Tropenparadies" from Germany

Passion for Animals, the wholesaler for everything your pet store needs

Passion for Animals is a wholesaler of live animals, but we offer much more. Our assortment contains fish, rodents, birds and reptiles. In addition, we supply live animal feed, frozen feed from the brand Ocean Nutrition, but also aquarium plants. Passion for Animals makes things easy for you: one address and one delivery fee for everything your pet store needs.

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